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Another year has come and gone...
Another fantastic weekend with friends and laughter has come to pass....
And now it's time for us all to shuffle on home and take a well deserved rest; quietly preparing for next year.

Yes, sadly, Baku is over and we must all return to reality, but fear not, my friends!
The Baku group is hear to remind you that the countdown to Baku 2013 begins now and as we sit back and consider all that happened this year, we look forward to the next! So why not take some time to reflect?

Tell us what you think!
Tell us your funny stories from this year!
Tell us what you liked and what you didn't like; what you would change and what you want to stay the same!

Remember, Baku is made better by your suggestions and without them, there's not hope of improvement!

So don't be shy ~
We have a lot of time to pass!

It just occurred to me that we have less than 2 weeks before Baku 2012!
Man, time sure does fly this time of year.
Hopefully everyone is putting the finishing touches on their cosplays and panels because I am expecting one heck of a convention this year! Cosplay contests, events, general madness; I really can't wait!
So tell me my fine feathered friends, are you ready for the con?

Also, don't forget to get all signed up for this years big events!
I myself just sent out my info for the cosplay contest and hope to see some stiff competition like last year!
Not to mention Cosplay Tic-Tac-Toe should be a fun new twist!

Hop to it everyone!
We're running out of time!
Well everyone, it looks like summer is starting to fade and autumn is fast approaching.
While most people are thinking about going back to school and getting ready for the snow that's also creeping up behind us, I myself am thinking of convention season!
There are so many conventions in so many different places that start up this time of year and they all lead up to our own local event that we all know and love.
So tell me, is everyone getting ready for cons?
Cosplays being sewn?
Hotels being booked?
Passes being bought?

Also, don't forget to stop by the main Bakuretsucon website and submit some panels and book your hotle room!
As always, lets make this year the best one yet!

P.S. The featured folder has been cleared out for 2012 pictures! If you have any WIP pictures or other things related to Baku 2012, feel free to submit them!  

Hotel Block For Baku 2012 is Now Open!

I'm a little slow on the updates this week, aren't I?
Well, late or not, that wont stop me from telling all the Baku fans that the hotel block for this years con is now open!
So, if you're looking for a good deal on a room, be sure to check out the hotels page!
Bakucon is slowly creeping up on us and it's almost time to start getting things together!
I hope everyone is excited ~

Registration for Baku 2012 is Open!

That's right everyone!
You can finally start getting ready for this year's convention and save a few bucks by pre-registering!
Until May 1st, registration will be 35 dollars so if you're looking for a good deal on your passes, best get moving to the Baku site and get registering!

Not to mention you'll get to see the lovely new design they've put up!
Another year, another stylish upgrade for Bakuretsu Con!!

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